Family Fun

Children's Nautical Adventure

Ahoy Matey! Welcome aboard our Family Buffet! Climb into the dinghy for a realistic high-seas adventure. Come aboard, captain the fishing vessel, and steer her from danger. Swab the deck or throw a line to catch some grub. Take your catch to the galley to cook it, or just sit and enjoy watching the fish with your Family as they swim around their aquarium. Also check out the adjacent shipbuilder's workshop while our master shipwright works on one of his next masterpieces for our nautical exhibit collection. Enjoy our arcade and fun games too!

Dry Sea Aquarium

Welcome aboard! The Original Benjamin's Calabash Seafood is a dinning adventure for the entire family. As you enter the restaurant you are surrounded by one of the world's largest collections of nautical antiques, large scale ship models and mounted sea creatures. Our Dry Sea Aquarium features life-size Hammerheads, Great Whites, Makos Blue Sharks, Sail Fish, Marlins, Sword Fish, Saw Fish, and other strange and exciting creatures of the sea! Also featured is a 1/3 sized replica of the Mayflower restored by our Master Shipbuilder Jimmy Frost.

Nautical Museum

History Lives in our one of a kind Nautical Museum at the Original Benjamins! As you walk through the restaurant, you’ll walk back in time and discover our historical nautical collection. From our collection of authentic navel antiques, diving suits, military artillary, navel uniforms, and historic military ship models you’ll discover a unique, one-of a kind museum that brings the history of the sea to life! Our collection is always being updated so be sure to take some time to explore what’s new!

Pirates Corner

“Ahoy matey and welcome aboard!” That is how you’ll be greeted when you arrive at the gangplank of Original Benjamin’s. Our authentic pirate takes time off from his busy schedule of raiding and plundering ships to enjoy some of Original Benjamin’s treasures. A visit to the restaurant is more than an extrodinary dining experience. It is an extraordinary dining adventure you’ll be sure to want to capture and share with all your friends on Facebook!