Myrtle Beach Dining


Myrtle Beach Dining at its best!

The Original Benjamin's is a 1,000-seat restaurant with an open-air deck overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway. With so much to explore and see here at The Original Benjamin’s, be sure to see all that you can during your visit!

With 11 dining rooms for your dining pleasure, each room has its own theme and unique atmosphere. All surrounded by a unique nautical collection and family friendly atmosphere sure to please everyone in your group.

Each room is beautifully adorned with nautical collectibles and each captures the heart of the area. A few noteworthy rooms will be instantly recognizable below. 

While it’s not the largest, The Fish Camp room is one of our most unique rooms. Aside from the crab traps and overall nautical touches, you’ll also find a full size school bus!  Another easily identifiable room is the Wheel House. Named for the centrally located Wheel House in the room used by our waitstaff to be sure our guests are taken care of quickly. If you are seated in the Waterway Room you’ll be able to get a nice view of the Intracoastal Waterway just outside behind the restaurant. It’s a lovely view to enjoy during your meal.

Pictured below are just a few scenes from some of our unique dining areas. But don’t forget to take a further look around during your visit.

So much more than just a restaurant!

Relax or play games with family and friends on the deck while you wait to be seated. Grab a refreshing beverage and enjoy the Dry Sea Aquarium overhead at in our bar area. Explore the model ship collection and nautical museum throughout the restaurant. Go downstairs and check out Jimmy Frost's workshop where he builds the ships for our massive ship collection. Or perhaps, head even further downstairs with the little sailors and they can set sail in our Children's Nautical Adventure area.